Car Area Runner’s Work

A significant part of distribution areas are located in dispersed settlement areas, where it is necessary to use your own car for distribution work. Car area runner’s work is a steady job, where you distribute city papers and advertisements once or twice a week, on Wednesdays (and Saturdays).

Car area runner

Age requirement: At least 18 years
Time span: Varies, about 1-8 hours/distribution
Working days: Wednesday (and Saturday), sorting possible partly already on previous day
Distribution area: A steady distribution area in urban area or dispersed settlement area
Use of car: Driver’s licence and car are necessary
Salary: Piecework salary, depending on the work load on average 30 – 300 €/month
Mileage: Mileage is paid for using your own car

Watch a video about car area runner’s work (in Finnish)

Distribution days

There is work once or twice a week, on Wednesdays (and on Saturdays). If you are interested in working more often, it is possible to do sorting work for Wednesday’s distribution already partly on Tuesday. This way you will be able to finish for example two distribution areas on Wednesday.

Distribution area

We aim to select your distribution area as close to your home as possible. The area consists of 250–500 households.

Sorting of advertisements and city papers

Advertisements are delivered to runners in bundles. The sorting of the distributed advertisements is an essential part of the distribution work. There might be 5–15 different advertisements in the same distribution. Sorting often takes as much time as the distribution itself. Sorting might feel difficult at first, but you will soon learn to handle the products quickly.


Distributing advertisements requires diligence and sustainability. It takes usually 1–4 hours, or more to finish the distribution, depending on the area.


Salary is based on the size of the distribution area and the number of distributed products. We pay mileage to car area runners for using their own car.

How do I apply for the job?

You can apply for the job by filling out this form:

You will get detailed information about the job from your local Suomen Suoramainonta-chain distribution company.

Car Area Runner’s Work