Every day work is the same for distribution worker and for light entrepreneur, but entrepreneurs have the possibility to influence their own income level significantly.

Light entrepreneur

Age requirement: At least 18 years
Time span: Varies, at least 2-4 hours/distribution
Working days: Wednesday (and Saturday), sorting possible partly already on previous day
Distribution area:

Always the same area or changing area, possible to choose

Use of a car: Depending on the area (usually not necessary)
Invoicing: Automatically through the service provider
Mileage: Mileage is paid for using your own car
Difference to employment relationship: Commission relationship, benefits of entrepreneur, higher income level

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Distribution days

There is work once or twice a week, on Wednesdays (and on Saturdays).

Distribution area

We aim to select your distribution area as close to your home as possible. It is also possible to have changing areas and invoice more. One area includes on average ca. 250 mail slots.

Sorting of advertisements and city papers

Advertisements are delivered to runners in bundles. The sorting of the distributed advertisements is an essential part of the distribution work. There might be 5–15 different advertisements in the same distribution. Sorting often takes as much time as the distribution itself. Sorting might feel difficult at first, but you will soon learn to handle the products quickly.


Distributing advertisements requires diligence and sustainability. It takes usually 1–4 hours, or more to finish the distribution, depending on the area.

Invoicing and benefits

Compensation is based on the size of the distribution area and the number of distributed products. Entrepreneur extra compensation will be added. Invoicing is easy through the service provider, who will deduct all legal payments in addition to it’s own fee and then report the correct total sum automatically. You can follow your accounting online.

Being light entrepreneur is easy because you don’t have to worry about paper work yourself. Business ID will be registered for you and it will be registered to the Tax Administration’s registers (VAT, advance debt collection). You can flexibly collect income from several clients doing also something else than distribution work in the same time. Business ID will be yours even if you would decide to quite distribution work.

If you choose to work as a light entrepreneur you have the possibility to deduct value added tax from purchases related to the business, for example phone and phone bill used in the distribution work. Also you can decide about your pension payments yourself.

You earn more than as an employee, because you will benefit fully from the VAT lower limit mitigation, meaning that when you earn less than 10.000 EUR per year you will get all VAT (24 %) from your sales back. The more you deliver, the more benefit you’ll get.

We will provide a starter package for you; a new jacket, drinking bottle and a textile bag. In addition new light entrepreneurs will get a free registration to the DriveNow-service and 20 free driving minutes.

How can I start?

You can apply for the job by filling out this form
(please mention your interest to work as a light entrepreneur):

You can work as a light entrepreneur in following local distribution companies:

Helsingin Jakelu-Expert Oy
Jakelujuniorit Oy
Lahden Jakelut Oy
Jakelusuora Oy
Joensuun Ykkösjakelut Oy
Tampereen Ykkösjakelut Oy
Pasi-Jakelut Oy
Jakelu-Ässät Oy
Porin Jakelukeskus Oy
Jakelumasters Oy
P-S Suorajakelu Oy
Turku-Palvelu Oy
Salo-Suorajakelu Oy
Jyväskylän Jakelut Oy

Light Entrepreneur