Light Entrepreneur

Distribution work as an Omapaja light enterpreneur is excellent way to work and earn money without starting an own company. You can flexibly collect income from several clients and also work on other fields than distribution if interested. Employment or commission – your choice!

Distribution work as a light entrepreneur

Instead of the traditional distribution work, you can also work as a light enterpreneur.  The content of the work is the same, but you work in a commission relationship and thus can earn more. In addition to the normal distribution compensation, light enterpreneurs charge + 25 % as an enterpreneur extra.

Our collaborator partner Omapaja is in charge of the salary payment. Only traveling expenses for using your own car have to be notified by yourself.   Omapaja charges 7% as a service fee from the total payment. Service fee and other possible expenses can be taken into account in your taxes, thus you pay less taxes.

If you choose to be a light enterpreneur you get also access to the other Omapaja acts of becoming employed. Hereby you can also work on another field besides distribution.

Read more about terms and register:  Registration is free and off commitments. Fill a job application and mention if interested to become a light enterpreneur.

What does it mean to work as an Omapaja light entrepreneur?

Working as a light enterpreneur makes possible to earn more than as a normal employee. Omapaja is in charge of the salary payment by using it’s invoicing service. Basically you work more like an enterpreneur, but without starting an own company. As an Omapaja light enterpreneur your don’t have to account or pay withholding tax on your incomes. All you need to do is to register into Omapaja service, fill out your personal data and the information of your personal income-tax card into the Omapaja systeme. Omapaja pays the salary for you each month. Registration to the service also enables you to collect income from several clients and fields by using the same username.

Salary example

Normal distribution salary is on average 50-300 € per month.

Example of a distribution compensation 100 € for light enterpreneur:

Distribution compensation 100€

+ enterpreneur compensation 25 % (+25 €) = 125 €

– withholding tax due to your income-tax card, f.ex. 10% (-12,50€) = 112,50 €

–service feed 7% (-8,75 €)

= total pay 103,75 €


 As an employment relationship the income consists:

Distribution salary 100 €

+ vacation compensation employment relationship under one year 9 % (+9 €)

– withholding tax due to your income-tax card, f.ex. 10 % (-10,90 €)

– pension insurance contribution 7,15 % (-7,79 €)

– unemployment insurance contribution 1,25 % (-1,36 €)

= total pay 88,94

Expences can be taken into account in your taxes

Light enterpreneurs have some expences in relation to working as an enterpreneur. Nevertheless expences are taken into account in your taxes and thus thus you pay less taxes. Omapaja service fee in 2021 is 7% of your monthly income. Registration is free and there is no expences when you are not working or invoicing. Accident insurance and liability insurance are included to the service fee.

When a enterpreneur aged from 18 to 67 has worked as an enterpreneur for four month and the income exceeds into a certain level, there is a need for YEL insurance for enterpreneurs. Year 2020 the minimum limit has been 7958,99 €.

On other words if the enterpreneur earns more than on average 663 € per month YEL insurance is obligatory. If you pleased Omapaja will take care of the YEL insurance administration. If you earn less than the minimum limit, you can yourself choose whether pay the insurance or not. Thus you earn more, but your work does not accumulate pension for you.

The amount of the annual income is taken into consideration when taking the YEL-insurance. You can use the amount of your salary. The reported income is also changeable afterwards if there is changes in your work. The YEL-fee is normally 24,1% (y. 2020. From age 53 to 62 the YEL-fee is higher, 25,6%. New enterpreneurs get discount from the YEL-fee for first four years.

The discounted YEL-fees are 18,798% and 19,968% for 53-62 year olds in y. 2020.

YEL-fee can be paid at one time or in instalments. You can f.e. pay it once a year or monthly, you choose.

YEL-fees can be totally taken into account in your taxes.

Enterpreneurs working under YEL-fee pay also statutory helth insurance fee. Health insurance fee is an important part of Finnish healthcare system. Omapaja takes care of the fee reporting for your part to the Tax Administration. The fee is 1,34% (y. 2020).

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How can I start?

You can apply for the job by filling out this form
(please mention your interest to work as a light entrepreneur):

As a light entrepreneur you can work under following distribution company areas:

Helsingin Jakelu-Expert Oy
Jakelujuniorit Oy
Jakelumasters Oy
P-S Suorajakelu Oy
SSM Itä-Suomi Oy (East-Finland)
SSM Länsi-Suomi Oy (West-Finland)
SSM Sisä-Suomi Oy (Inner-Finland)
SSM Varsinais-Suomi Oy (Southwest-Finland)

Light Entrepreneur