Instructions for the sorting

Distributions almost always contain many different products. In order to make the distribution, the ads will have to be sorted first. When the sorting is done carefully, the distribution is easy to complete.

Reserve enough time for the sorting. Learning the right technique will help you process the products faster. There are lots of different ways to sort the papers, so try them out and figure which is the most suitable for you.

If your area has products that can only be brought to you in the morning of that distribution day, it’s usually reasonable to sort the products that were brought to you earlier be- forehand separately. When you have all of your products, it’s easy and fast to handle those presorted bundles.

Also when there is over 10 different adverts, you can try two round sorting technique. First sort like normal 5 to 8 adverts nested. After this you can sort that bundle in between a fitting product i.e. city paper.